Tadas Kirtiklis

Creative Block

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About Tadas' work

Creative block is defined as a temporary inability to begin or continue in the process of a creative work because of fear, anxiety, or lack of inspiration. This is a very common issue that me and many other creatives suffer from and the aim of this photography project is to raise awareness to support creative’s mental health, especially living in times of uncertainty during coronavirus pandemic. The most affecting factors of coming into the creative block for me is being ridiculously self-critical, having a constant fear of rejection or failure, which often lead to an eternal state of procrastination (or) - an enormous desire to create, just in complete restlessness. The impact of these two countervailing forces - success and failure, creates the feeling of stuckness, – but what is this feeling and how does it actually feel like? Asking many creatives about their experiences of having a creative block and being a victim of it, I use photography as the main medium to express these feelings of mental distress and dislocation. Inspired by Gregory Crewdson and Steven Pressfield, I use a model to mirror and narrate these experiences by drawing dark and moody environmental tableau portraits using cinema lights and props.


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