Rob Foxton

The Negatives of Doubt

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About Rob's work

This series concentrates on the habit of doubt a lot of people suffer with. So this series of portraits shows a series of thoughts that run through my head on a regular basis. From starting off confident and having strong ideas to then questioning myself and getting worried am I doing the right thing. To then ultimately getting in the frame of mind of just killing off that idea and not going through with it because of my own self doubt and lack of belief in what i am trying to do.
Deciding to work on black and white film was a nod to my favourite photographers of the past, like David Bailey and Richard Avedon. The styling and characteristics are very much inspired by them but the punchiness and contrasting tones comes from the work of the artist, Keith Haring. The title of the work is therefore a play on words.
The styling sounds cringe, but its the contrast between the positive and negative thoughts that contrast within my mind. So the model was chosen because of his hair and the wardrobe was chosen to represent this overall contrasting theme. The styling of the posing is to show the confidence to the worry and then finally the end of me thinking these thoughts are no good.


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