Mya Fairweather

Art or Vandalism: The Street Art Debate

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About Mya's work

My inspiration for this project drove from my childhood and my fascination by the bright colours and shapes of graffiti. I can remember driving to the city, passing Anglia square and seeing the large murals that caught my eye every time that we passed by. I wanted to show how graffiti can bring out the beauty of landscapes. Although graffiti can be deemed as disruptive, I wanted to demonstrate how it fits within the landscape and sometimes actually brings more life to an environment. I aimed to create a narrative using documentary style, engaging with community spaces within Norwich focusing on Anglia Square. Graffiti can show many different political issues and I wanted to explore this on the whole, taking in the wider aspect of the work. Shooting at the same particular space for the series allowed me to explore graffiti in quite some depth, helping to exhibit graffiti in a more positive light. It was important to me that I was able to bring the creatives work to life, by exhibiting graffiti that is sometimes disregarded as art.


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