Liz Ferguson

The Changing Coastline

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About Liz's work

“The changing coastline” is a series of images that show the environmental issues that surround the coastline and the communities. With this series I aim to document the impacts the coastline faces and raise awareness of the issues it in turn poses on human lives. I became fascinated with how different lighting effects could change the way the viewer looks at the image and its context. The lighting became the most important factor to my images and how I wanted to portray the landscapes. By using the pale muted toned lighting, it disempowers the subject and iterates fragility of the subject. I chose this project because I have a strong connection to this issue, living in a coastal community I have grown up watching the coastline constantly change so it’s something I’m passionate about. The changing coastline series is open to interpretation but ultimately the images represent different environmental issues the Suffolk coast currently faces. This series of images is so important as it shows our relationship with the environment and how we are currently responsible for the catastrophic change in landscapes. “We have too long abused our natural environment. The time has come when we can wait no longer to repair the damage already done”- President Nixon. 


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