Layne Howlett

Hyper (Ex)tension

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About Layne's work

Most of us know someone that can distort their bodies into strange shapes, unusual to the norm. Being double jointed was fun at one point; the party tricks and flexibility were something that others praised me for and wished for themselves. The things that others wish for are often performative, like the ways in which dancers contort themselves with statuesque elegance. I, like many others living with hypermobile spectrum disorders (HSD), wish for stability. While some people can live with no symptoms of their hypermobility, others live in constant pain and desperately seek the balance in our joints and lives. 

Through my photography I aim to shed light on non-performative aspects of hypermobility, the pain that leaves many of us desperately trying to balance everyday life. With chronic pain there are many things invisible to the eye, and photography has allowed me to visualise such arduous themes.  


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