Hollie Trott

Cutting Fabrics

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About Hollie's work

‘Cutting Fabrics’ is a project which focuses on the fast fashion industry, particularly the negative environmental and ethical issues it brings. Currently, the fashion industry is the world’s second biggest polluter, only behind oil. It also serves as one of the biggest child labour employers, where children are forced to work in terrible and inhumane conditions whilst earning little to nothing. It’s for these reasons, and many more, I felt inspired to create a project which raised awareness of these facts and bring light to an issue we all blindly contribute to.  

The aim behind my photographs was to showcase clothing that was sourced through means other than fast fashion. In the images, the models are shown wearing all second-hand or thrifted clothing. I wanted to highlight the fact that stylish and trendy outfits can still be achieved without always buying new, and for an affordable price too. My main goal with this project it to educate and inspire more people to think twice about where and how often they are buying new clothes as well as offering helpful advice on how to achieve this.  


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