Harriet Laws-Herd

You Can Go AnywHERe?

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About Harriet's work

My project encompasses the concept of stereotypes and experiences surrounding solo travel, more specifically woman. When women are alone, they can feel vulnerable, at risk and suffocated by society. Nowadays if you mention that you want venture somewhere alone, whether that’s locally or globally, the question ’are you sure you want to go by yourself?’ or ‘I can come with you if you want’ constantly comes to light. Can woman go anywhere and feel safe? 

To support this perception, males have been the definitive protagonist throughout history, the male and female role within both paintings and society significantly differs. I desire to contest against these historical, narcissistic views of woman and explore how it feels to be looked at, by investigating the power of looking back or away from the camera. My images are encoded by my personal experiences of travelling as a woman, showing amenabilities within my photographic processes.


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Email: h.herd11@hotmail.com

Instagram: @harrietateniaphotography

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