Emanuela Bracali


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About Emanuela's work

Outsiders aims to report issues that have been affecting galleries for a long time: diversity and equality. Due to under-representation, many ethnic groups feel excluded by the arts industry and they hardly engage with galleries or visit a museum.  

During the past year things have changed, galleries started to move towards a more inclusive selection, but the issue around the promotion of a white supremacist culture remains.  

With this project I wanted to get rid of some bias that can be found in standard representations from a white-middle class point of view and highlight the feeling of solitude that the lack of inclusivity might rise in those groups.  

I introduced people from different backgrounds that felt underrepresented or that would allow me to highlight the difference of representation between white culture and others.  

To challenge galleries, and standard representations, I draught inspiration from a various selection of Renaissance’s paintings and decided to shoot my portraits in a landscape orientation.  


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