Christopher Gardiner

Sense Of Self

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About Chris's work

Sense of Self is a photographic exploration of identity through personal possessions. Telling the stories of the lives of those who have suffered domestic abuse. My work combines documentary imagery and studio based still life, to tell stories of individuality, personal interests and defining moments within a lifetime of experiences, that have influenced the subject’s sense of self identity. 

The imagery encourages discussion around domestic abuse, and the ways in which victims are often dehumanised, whether intentional or unintentionally by society. Throughout the years I have seen and experienced the ways in which domestic abuse can be minimised within society and experiences are seen simply as statistics and the profound impact this can have on a person’s perception of who they are. Through allowing subjects to tell their stories, my work intends to open up a dialogue about the rarely acknowledged, but globally prominent Issue, whilst giving the opportunity for subjects to voice their own stories. 


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