Becca Stevenson

Little Happiness

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About Becca's work

In current times, not appreciating the often-overlooked positives in life can be critical as the world is becoming increasingly filled with so much negativity. The evident tragedy of Covid-19 and the adverse effect this has on individuals’ mental health, the worsening impacts of climate change, the ever-present humanitarian disasters, the injustice and discrimination towards certain races and many more heart-breaking issues have disheartened communities all around the world. Consequently, in this series, I am focusing on happiness and how it is, arguably, not spread enough. The good things in life are continuously taken for granted and people are engrossed in the bad. Each image is symbolic of something that brings me, or others, happiness to spread positivity, combat the negative motifs in today’s society, and encourage people to appreciate the ‘little happiness’ in life.


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