Becca Simmons

Council Congestion

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About Becca's work

Over the years the population has grown majorly, causing more buildings that house people to be built. These are built quickly, which can result into problems later on. For these series of images, I decided to create my own mismatch of building to show how congested the housing market is. I wanted to show how different city councils build their flats/apartments in the same way. I chose to focus on council estates to show how they fit many households into one building and how they all live in close quarters. Each image touches on a different colour palette to show the range of what flats are like in different cities. It also shows how in different cities, they all use similar building techniques, no matter how big or small the city is. I also looked into size of doors and windows in each building and how they show detail to highlight peoples lives and personalities in these flats. As well I focused on how people may be living, through curtains open, lights on and plants on the balcony. In this series, I wanted to document how overpopulation is a massive issue right now and how people may struggle to go about their life in current times, especially with a third lockdown. 


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