Becca Mooney

The Limbo Between Wakefulness and Sleep

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About Becca's work

‘I live in this word where very rarely am I fully awake, and very rarely am I fully asleep. I live in the in-between.’ – Unknown 2014

‘The Limbo Between Wakefulness and Sleep’ is a project bringing artistic visualisation to Narcolepsy, a chronic and lifelong neurological disorder characterised by excessive day time sleepiness, sleep attacks, cataplexy, sleep paralysis and hallucinations. The title is inspired by exactly what narcolepsy is to me.


This project contains a series of surreal self-portraits influenced by my personal experience of narcolepsy. Every night I travel to different lands experiencing bizarre, beautiful or horrifying things. Every day I stumble through life in a dream-like daze. Occasionally the two worlds overlap causing hallucinations that disrupt my reality. Each image presented uniquely invokes different atmospheres and emotions, providing a more detailed insight into the feelings and experiences of a narcoleptic.


As this is a rare disorder there is a significant lack of creative representation in the media. What little there is focuses on surface level, stereotypical, caricature imagery of a person asleep or dramatically falling to the ground. It only focuses on comical or sombre themes. This project is very important to me as a way of providing a refreshing new angle featuring themes of whimsical dreams and haunting nightmares. My main goal for this project is to raise awareness and combat stigma, to create something those with the disorder can identify and relate to and will help those who don’t have the disorder to gain a deeper understanding.


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