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About Ash's work

The theme of the series that I have been working on is inspired by current events. The first case of COVID-19 (also known colloquially as the Corona Virus), was discovered in November 2019, and since then our lives have been turned upside down. With the first lockdown starting in March of 2020 in the UK, a lot of the world were already under strict rules from their governments, and I wanted to document not only how it has affected people’s mental health, but also how we have dealt with it.  

Rather than focusing on portraiture as I usually do, I have tried to explore the route of more still life and documentary-esque style photography. The reason for this is because I – like many other people – have struggled a lot with my mental health declining during the pandemic and wanted to show that it’s normal to experience hardships, especially throughout these difficult times. The photographs are concentrated on the mundane views around having to be in lockdown, things that would be taken for granted in our normal lives and could be overlooked – in comparison to being surrounded by the same setting and people when in isolation. 

This series’ aim is to discuss and bring awareness to people’s experiences in a non-biased way and demonstrate the affect that the virus has had on everyone. 


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