Amelia Boyles

Historical Buildings

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About Amelia's work

Historical buildings, stories behind old walls and secrets lingering upon stone steps. Focusing on decay, on parts that have cracks in arch ways, worn down steps, cracked walls and chipped paint. I took inspiration from Andre Kertesz, my photographs are in black and white which gives a period feel to them, telling a historical story. Creating a narrative behind a historical building in an image or a series of photographs – black and white to bring texture of detail into revealing more shapes and texture that are naked to the eye. There was also an interest in the aesthetic of dark academia in the project. Developing ideas from other photographers that capture historical buildings in different ways with focusing on texture and detail - movements of shadows on the walls and the ground, the weather effecting the street and people walking by. Their images in black and white giving a period feel to them, telling a historical story. Researching articles such as the tragic event of the collapsed St Mark’s Bell Tower. This has widened the concept of historical buildings, from buildings collapsing from decay through the years and experiencing devastating events. After researching into historical buildings for the project, I have developed appreciation and a fascination for how much inspiration I can get for my photograph from old, worn, weather beaten and cracked buildings and steps - this makes me wonder about the history and story that is waiting to be told. 


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