Alec Barriga Jones


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About Alec's work

Stigma can be a mark of shame, disgrace. Something that is present, visible but no one does anything about it. 

Creating awareness to the fires in the Amazon rainforest was what made me create these images. 44,013 outbreaks of fires were registered between January and August 2020, but barely any the media was reporting it when it started. Almost no one was talking about it. It was visible to everyone, but nothing was being reported.  

Due to these fires, the amount of toxic smoke produced affected many cities in South America during the Covid-19 Pandemic, creating more respiratory problems to people, killing, and putting in danger several animals and fauna. 

We kept living our lives in our homes, without even knowing this was an ongoing problem: It was there; Present and visible for all of us. But the lack of information, knowledge or even interest in the matter caused the death of many living beings. We stood in front of a problem, but we ignored it and sat watching it.  


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