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About Aidan's work

We all know it; we all see it every day. An alcoholic stumbling home from the pub, a colleague at work using their breaks just to have a cigarette, or a drug addict wandering the city asking for spare change. It’s everywhere – but why is there such a bad stigma behind it? 

This project will be exploring the less conventional addictions found throughout the world, such as tattoos, shopping, sex, self-harm, hoarding and video games. I aim to show to the world why people get addicted to the things they do – this is about lifting the stigma behind addiction. To achieve this, the shoots I do will centre solely around the model’s individual addictions and experiences. Each model will also be interviewed by me and they will all be asked the same questions about their addiction, from “what is your addiction?” to “where would you be without it?”. 


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